Clubfoot Journey#3: A Brother and Sister Journey

Our Clubfoot Journey began in August of 2011 at my 20 week anatomy ultrasound, I had gone by myself because we had found out earlier on that we were having a boy and my husband had to work that day. I have always known what clubfoot was my older brother was born with Bilateral clubfoot and I had seen pictures of him in his casts and his bar and boots. Even though I had known that my son would grow up and still be perfect, I was devastated when the technician told me my son too had bilateral clubfoot. I cried the whole way home from our visit and whenever I had to tell our family and friends not to buy footed pajamas or socks for our baby. Our son was born premature and spent two weeks in the NICU, so as soon as we were able to bring him home he was immediately casted, after weeks of casts he had his tenotomy at 2 months old, 3 weeks later started his bar and boots 23/7 and wore them at night until he was 4 years old. Our son is now 5 years old and playing football. You would never know he was born with clubfeet.


I wish we could say our journey was over but we have started the journey over again with our now 2 month old Daughter. We again found out at our anatomy ultrasound about her feet and this time I didnt cry! It has been a lot easier (although its never easy) the second time around knowing that we have an amazing Dr that was able to treat our son. She has had her tenotomy and will begin her bar and boots on April 25th 2017. We have been lucky finding a great group of Drs to see us through our journeys.