Clubfoot Journey#4: Miles' Story

Before my son Miles, I didn't know anything about clubfoot. At my 20 week scan they thought they saw something but couldn't get a clear picture. My doctor told me not to worry. I went back at 32 week's for another ultrasound and was told everything was perfect.

Well after my son was born, I was lying there and I heard my husband say "why are his feet like that"? My stomach dropped. He was born with bilateral clubfeet. The pediatrician told me a referral was sent to London and they would be in touch.

When they finally brought him to be 6hrs later, I was afraid to open the blanket and look. My husband told me it was okay. So I took a look and burst out crying. Was it because of me? Did I not eat healthy enough? Take enough vitamins? I felt so bad for him the first few days. Everyone asking if anyone in our family was born with clubfoot, but no one on either side was.

Physiotherapist came up to check his feet out, she could barely move them. She then told me they would be fixed and it was a lot less painless than what they did in the past.
I talked with a friend who's son was born with left clubfoot and she told me what to expect at our first appointment and sent me the link for clubfoot mama's on Facebook. She made me feel better knowing what was to come.

They casted his feet at his first appointment, he was 2 week's old.

He had 3 positional casts, his tendonmy and then the 4th cast. 3 weeks in his final cast and then we started boots and bar. I was so shocked at the difference in his feet! Well , he did 3 months of 23hr wear and now he is in night time wear at 18 months old.

You would never even know he had clubfoot with the way he runs all over the place! If it wasn't for my support system and resources, I wouldn't have made it through this journey!