Clubfoot Journey #5:Rhet's Win!

Our story begins at 20 weeks gestation when those troubling words were said... "I'm sorry, but something is wrong with your son's foot. It looks like he has talipes also known as clubfoot. We will get you scheduled with a specialist and go from there." As a first-time mother, those words shattered my world. Two doctor appointments later and multiple ultrasounds we had an absolute diagnosis. We were referred to Vanderbilt Children's hospital to Dr. Lovejoy. At this appointment, the doctor laid out our treatment. It involved telling us, "your son will never walk, and will be miserable. It's best you just have one surgery and leave the foot alone." Who would say such a thing to a new mom and dad? We found another specialist who at this appointment said, " I'm sorry but your son has clubfoot. You are 26 weeks pregnant and we need an answer by 28 weeks if you would like to have an abortion." What?!? Are you serious? I couldn't believe not one, but two doctors gave our son the worst sentence. Death!

As time passed, and we did research, we found Matthew Dobbs! Who is by far a God send. We emailed back and forth, and knew this was our doctor! Upon the first appointment, we knew we were in great hands. At 10 days old our son was put in his first cast. Each week we received a new cast. At 5 weeks we had our tenotomy, and his 3-week cast put on. By 2 months of age we had graduated to our boot and bar. We dealt with blisters as our son adjusted to his new way of life. By 4 months he was rolling over and sitting up. By 9 months he was crawling and taking assisted steps. By 1 year he was WALKING! The most precious gift from God was gave to our son. Feet that were straight, and gave him the ability to walk and run. Now at 3 years he is still in his boots and bar. He is a typical rowdy little boy! He has a future that is bright and whole! We give God our praise for allowing us to see such an amazing doctor! Rhet has defeated every doctor that wanted to kill him. He is alive and well. We love our clubfoot life!