Clubfoot Journey#8: An older perspective by Lauren Madison

I was born with a Club Foot and my right foot and right leg was affected. At about 6 months old, the process began to correct my right foot. (I was so adorable with my little cast!) At the age of 4 or 5, I wore braces on my leg like Forest Gump. I can remember being teased throughout grade school, and even college! Lol. I walk with a slight limp, my right foot is 2 SHOE SIZES smaller than my left and my right leg is smaller/shorter than my left. High Heels have never quite been my cup of tea, but sometimes I get lucky!  As a yogi, most poses are difficult to execute. I sometimes get frustrated, but I'm learning to find MY way of doing the pose. I'm learning to be patient, grateful, and to continue to be proud of my story.

P.S. My most popular answer as a Club footer to inquiring minds. I only pick one shoe size to accommodate my bigger foot!

Thank you for listening to my story!!

Lauren Madison