Clubfoot Journey#2: Emily's DDH & Clubfoot Story

 My name is Aurora. My husband's name is Jud, and we have named Emily. We live in Dallas Texas, and her doctor is at Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. I was on birth control when I got pregnant, so she was a complete surprise. At 20 weeks my doc found her bcf. We were given the news, but we couldn't meet with a specialist to confirm for three weeks. So we had to just sit and wait and do research at home. At 23 weeks we met with a specialist in high-risk pregnancies, and they did another ultrasound and confirmed her feet were here the only issue. No heart brain or spine issues.

She was two days late, and I had to have an ER c section because the cord was wrapped around her neck. She was a very healthy baby. But she was born with three conditions. The only one we knew of. She was born with an extra digit attached to her left hand that looked like a skin tag but had a fingernail. It's called polydactyl. We made a choice to have Scottish remove the digit. So they put a clamp on it and wrapped it. We waited 3 weeks for it to die and fall off.

Then, at her first well baby visit in the hospital, the pediatrician could feel her right hip slipping out of place, so she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. At Scottish, they confirmed this, and before we could even begin to put her in casts, she was put into a Pavlik harness for her hip. She was in the harness for a total of 12 weeks. Full time. That's been the hardest part. She couldn't even move. So she was in the Pavlik for four weeks before they added casts to start correcting her clubfeet. She was so uncomfortable. She was in both casts and harness for eight weeks. She was in 5 casts for the feet before they did the heel snip and then the final cast for three weeks.

At the 12 weeks mark, both the harness and casting was done, and we moved to boots and bar. I've never seen a happier baby, free and be able to learn to move. She is now nine months and just started crawling last week. She can stand supported and is so eager to figure things out. She is completely healthy, and on Jan 4th she was granted part-time wear in boots.

She wears the Mitchell boots and has a Ponseti bar. She is in 12 hours overnight wear, and we've never had a blister or any issues with boots and bar. We have regular check-ups for her hips to make sure all is well and so far so good! I'm so thankful to have Scottish Rite so close to home, and we have received amazing treatment. Our daughter is so strong and smart!!! We love being her parents, and she is the light of our life!!!


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