Our Story by Melissa Schramm

            I found out I was pregnant with Payton at the beginning of 2008. We were super excited yet nervous. We had 2 previous miscarriages after our first child before finding out about Payton. My Pregnancy was pretty typical. I did not get sick and every appointment we had, his heartbeat was strong. My 20 week appointment everything looked great, he was growing like he should and we found out we were having a boy. After having a girl first we were definitely excited.

            Towards the end, we found out he was breach so we were scheduled for a c-section. November 21, 2008 Payton George was born. The first thing my husband says to me is he is alright but he has crazy feet, the words of a 22 year old man. The Pediatrician came in to speak to us and explained that he was born with bilateral club feet. We were really confused because honestly we had never heard of it before. My nurse was awesome, when she came in the next day for work she had given us all of this information about club feet, putting us more at ease and finding out it was pretty common.

            We later found out that it was not just his feet that were involved. Payton was born with a mass on his head and possible seizures. He was sent to Children’s hospital to get it checked out. Turns out it was just that a mass that eventually went away and no seizures! The great thing about being sent to Children’s was we were able to get an appointment with a top Pediatric Orthopedic Doctor. His plan of care was serial casting. Payton was born with hypotonia (low muscle tone). His doctor though the Ponsetti Method would delay his development since we was already a little weaker. Through serial casting and cutting his ligament he was able to be fitted for AFO’s when he was two months old.

            Payton did not sit on his own until over a year old and did not start walking until he was about two, as a matter of fact 2 days before his youngest sister was born. Right now he is a strong and energetic 10 year old. He still wears his AFO’s with his favorite hockey team, Minnesota Wild and still struggles with his strength but he is healthy and happy.


            Payton has a younger sister Kaylea Mae, born July 27, 2010. When I went in for my routine 20 weeks appointment with her. She would not let us see if she was a boy or girl, but was developing as she should be. A few days later I got a call from my Doctor, Kaylea also had Bilateral Club Feet. I remember calling my mom crying, knowing what we went through with Payton and the fear that it was more than that.

            When Kaylea was born she was not only born with her feet involved but it is called Arthrogryposis, which mean joint contractures. She has club feet, hyper extended knees, and she is unable to straighten her arms all of the way. She went through the same treatment as Payton, with serial casting, she also had Botox injections in her knees to help them bend closer to 90 degrees. She was then fitted for AFO’s which she still wears today. She has had multiple surgeries on her feet and one on her hand. She is a healthy 8 year old.

 -Melissa Schramm