Choosing a Doctor

Questions To Ask Your Doctor
Prior To Starting Club Foot Treatment


(Use these questions to assess a Doctor in determining if they are best suited for you and your child’s treatment)

How many clubfoot children are you treating at the time? __________________________

How were you taught to treat club foot? __________________________

Did you apprentice alongside another Doctor specifically for the treatment of club foot?

         If yes, who? __________________________

         What was their experience treating club foot? __________________________

What has the outcome been of those who you have treated for club foot?

         Are they pain free? __________________________

         What if your relapse rate? __________________________

Do you have designated club foot clinic days?                 Yes            or               No

         Is yes, what are they? __________________________

         What are the hours? __________________________

What method of treatment do you follow for the treatment of club foot?

         Ponseti                        French Functional                Cunningham Brace

        (Ponseti Method only: Do you vary from the Ponseti Method?

                           If yes, how & why? __________________________
What method do you use to score the severity of the clubfoot? (Circle one)

         Piranri Method             or               Dimeglio/Bensahel Method

Expected treatment length for typical club foot cases?

And timeline? __________________________

How soon will my child start treatment? __________________________

When is your ideal time to start the casting process of newborns?

         If not right away, what are you’re requirements?

         Weight? __________________________    Age? __________________________

Do you use plaster or soft-roll fiberglass? (Circle one)

         Plaster                or              Soft-roll fiberglass

Who casts my child? (Circle one)

         The Doctor                  or               A Casting Teach

How long can you expect each casting appointment to take?

How many casts do you anticipate? __________________________

Do you or I (the parent) remove the cast? __________________________

How do you remove the cast? __________________________

If a cast slips, how soon should we get in for an appt? __________________________

Do we take it off at home? __________________________

If I notice a swelling foot what should I do? __________________________

What do you recommend for the top of the cast pinching, rubbing, or chaffing? _______________________________________________________________________


Do you preform your tenotomies under general or local anesthesia? (circle one)

         General     or      Local anesthesia        or      Nothing

How long do you keep the children you treat in their post-tenotomy cast? __________________________

Why type of tenotomy do you perform? __________________________

What type of scar/incision can we expect? __________________________

What type of stitches do you use? __________________________


How long for 23 hour wear? __________________________

What boots and bars do you use? __________________________

If your initial bar recommendation is a Ponseti (stationary) bar, what is your view of using a Dobbs bar?


Does the orthotist come here (to the Doctor’s office), or do I have to go to the orthotists’ office? __________________________

How long do you anticipate my child wearing BNB? __________________________

What do you recommend for blisters, red spots, bruising, pressure sores, etc…? __________________________________________________________________________________________

What relapse rate do you see of your patients? __________________________

How do you treat relapse? __________________________


What are your fees? __________________________

         Per appointment:         ___________________ Per cast:     ___________________

         Per cast removal: __________________ Tenotomy: ___________________

         Boots: ___________________                  Bar:   ___________________

         Follow up Appointments:     ___________________

         (or) Total Cost:   ___________________


How do you feel about additional therapies: stretches, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, kinesiotaping? _________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you offer any parent support programs for club foot families? ________________________________________________________________________________________


***These questions are offered as a guide and are not completely inclusive all the questions you should ask your doctor. Choosing your doctor is your decision and The Clubfoot Store takes no responsibility for your choices or decisions based on the answers to these questions. Use this guide at you own risk.


*This sheet is maintained not by TheClubfootStore, but by a third party. The Clubfoot Store is not responible for it's content and invidviudals should check with respectable agencies to ensure its accuracy.



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