Stretching Exercises for Clubfoot Children

Stretching Exercises for Clubfoot Children & their Parents*

Why are stretching exercises important for my clubfoot child?

Stretching the affected clubfoot may help maintain and improve motion of the foot. Flexible clubfoot has a reduced chance of relapsing, thus performing a consistent stretch could aid in reducing the chances of relapsing clubfoot. Stretching exercises can improve flexibility and strengthen if done correctly.

When should the exercises be done?

Generally, a specific time of day should be set aside. Stretches should be performed daily.  Most parents perform their stretches stretching exercises at night before putting on the child’s nighttime brace (ADM or Boots & Bar). Another time that is easy to remember is first thing in the morning when removing the night time brace. We do it before the brace at night and after removing the brace in the morning.

Can these exercises make child’s clubfoot stronger?

Most children improve in strength with their daily play activities (see our Stretching Through Play blog here).  If your doctor believes additional strengthening is needed, your child may be referred to physical therapy. A properly trained physical therapist can help with residual tightness and/or weakness. Be sure to advise your physical therapist of your child's clubfoot.

What are specific exercises that I can do to help maintain flexibility in my child’s clubfoot?

Below are a series of photos and a brief description that illustrates how best to perform two of the most recommended stretches.

Ankle Dorsiflexion Exercises

Place the palm of your hand under your child’s foot and with the other hand on the behind the child's calf. The goal is to stablize the leg. Gently flex the ankle up and out. The foot and leg should be in a V postion.  Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.

Ankle Eversion Exercises

Place one hand around the calf of your child’s leg and the other hand around the base of the great toe. Gently, bring the foot outward. Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. 


*Please consult your clubfoot doctor prior to preforming and stretches. The Clubfoot Store does not offer medical advice and blog post or Facebook posts do NOT replace the guidance of a Doctor.

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