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Clubfoot Babywearing

Baby-wearing for clubfoot babies is achievable and highly recommended. Personally I used the Tula Free-to-Grow and absolutely loved it. So did my son and we are now waiting for the release of their PRESCHOOL (up to 70lbs) carrier to purchase. Click here to see all the Tula options.   Also be sure to use our exclusive offer of $5 off with code CLUBFOOTSTORE5 at Tula's checkout! Please note: That carrier choice is highly personal, as it will fit every caregiver and baby differently. Many people have used additional carriers to the ones listed with casts and boots & bar, they have had to been creative with modifying their positions. SaveSaveSaveSave

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ADM Interview (Abduction Dorsiflexion Mechanism) with Stella Morris

We at The Clubfoot Store like to be very active on Facebook, Instagram and anywhere we might be able to reach out to someone just starting or struggling in the Clubfoot Journey. Recently, I have noticed there to be a lot of curiosity surrounding the new ADMs (non-bar boots) and repetitive questions we are all looking for the answers too. Thus we interviewed Stella Morris, the co-creator/wife/super-clubfoot-warrior-mama on what exactly is the ADM. —————- INTERVIEW—————————— Q: What is ADM stand for?A: Officially it stands for Abduction Dorsiflexion Mechanism. Unofficially it stands for the initials of our 12-year son who has bilateral atypical clubfeet. His name is Anthony Dean Morris. Q: What is the purpose of the ADM? A: To assist with abducting and...

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