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Clubfoot Babywearing

Babywearing for clubfoot babies is achievable and highly recommended. Use this infographic to get a head start on if you're preparing for the arrival of your clubfoot child or would like to give babywearing a try. Please note: That carrier choice is highly personal, as it will fit every caregiver and baby differently. Many people have used additional carriers to the ones listed with casts and boots & bar, they have had to been creative with modifying their positions. SaveSaveSaveSave

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Boot and Bar Basics

BOOTS AND BAR BASICS (aka bnb)Getting to know your way around the post cast-world of clubfoot. There are many options available today for boots and bars here are some of the most popular: Markell  Boot: Mitchell Boot:Ponseti Bar: Dobbs Bar: ADM: STANDARD PROGRESSION of wear:23hr wear for 3 months following the last cast.14-16hr* wear up to 1 year of age.12hr* wear after 1 year of age.*Not all Doctors follow this routine. Please ensure you are following the guidance of your doctor.   ROUTINE:Setting precedents and routine is paramount to your child’s success with BnB. Ensure you are rigid with your routine for two reasons. 1) The baby/child will know what to expect, this will reduce the ambiguity of, “Will I have...

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