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WARNING: Improper Castings

Many good doctors, orthopaedic or not may lay claim to being able to fix your child’s club foot/feet. However, the Ponseti Method requires a  Ponseti trained doctor trained to properly manipulate the foot/feet and apply a cast. While you may have an excellent Doctor or surgeon willing to do the work, you might not want them too. (You can check the Ponseti Website for a list of Ponseti recognized Doctors.)If you have already proceeded with a Doctor and are experiencing inconsolable crying and painful cries from your child you are likely overwhelmed and looking for answers. There is a difference between a baby adjusting to casts and improper casting   that is causing pain and discomfort. Improper casting can cause a...

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Best Items During Casting - Clubfoot Baby

To be honest, when I first found out about my son's clubfeet at 36 weeks, I wanted to know nothing. Ignorance was bliss. I would deal with "it" when he arrived. I didn't do any Dr.Google searching and didn't even look up what the Dr at Shriner's Hospital had suggested (because his power point wasn't working). If you're reading this, chances are you are preparing for you or someone close to you's arrival of a little clubfoot baby. (Congratulations!) Included in this infographic are the items I found useful and input from the larger Clubfoot Parent Community. These items are in no specific order. Read descriptions below for more information!   Leg Warmers- Use these during casting to protect the...

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