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World Clubfoot Day 2017

This year was The Clubfoot Store's first World Clubfoot Day! We were so excited for World Clubfoot Day we started fundraising back in February with the sale of our World Clubfoot Day merchandise. All proceeds from the sale of our items went to MiracleFeet! We are happy to announce that we raise $158.00 to donate! Our goal for next year is to fund one child's entire Clubfoot treatment. World Clubfoot Day items are available year round and proceeds will always be donated to a Clubfoot Charity that enhances the lives of children born with Clubfeet. In addition to our fundraising efforts, if you are our follower on Facebook you were invited to our first World Clubfoot Day virtual party! We...

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World Clubfoot Day

WORLD CLUBFOOT DAY 2017  WEARING YOUR FAVORITE CRAZY SOCKS HAS NEVER BEEN SO IMPORTANT! For World Clubfoot Day 2017, The Clubfoot store is inaugurating INTERNATIONAL CLUBFOOT SOCK DAY. This event will be held annually on June 3rd. Businesses, organizations, and institutions across the World are encouraged to allow employees, members and students to wear crazy socks. You can purchase The Clubfoot Store's pink & blue footie pin ribbon in exchange proceeds will be donated to Miracle Feet. The Clubfoot Store will provide a free participation kit to businesses and doctor's offices, which will include posters and information on the event. The Clubfoot Store wants this to be a fun way to raise clubfoot awareness for individuals, institutions, and businesses! Please...

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