The Clubfoot Cutie Christmas Giving Tree

Introducing the first ever Clubfoot Cutie Christmas Wish List, brought to you by The Clubfoot Store & MiracleFeet.

This is the Giving Tree. The Giving Tree provides you with the information on how to give back. The Clubfoot Store donates $1 from every purchase all year round to a clubfoot charity and we want to encourage you this holiday season to also give.

Luckily for you there are FOUR amazing charities to choose from that are specifically geared to clubfoot:


Each charity has its' own mission but all work towards ensuring children all over the World receive proper clubfoot treatment. To determine the charity best suited for your donation please continue reading below.


Since 2011, MiracleFeet has treated clubfoot in developing countries around the world. Today, we work in 25 countries, providing life-transforming treatment to children who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

One of those children is Stephano from Tanzania. His mother traveled four hours each way every week so that he could receive treatment. Now Stephano will have the opportunity to play with his friends, walk and run without pain, and attend school. Thanks to support from MiracleFeet, his mother received a travel stipend to pay for transport to and from the clinic. From bus fare to plaster for casts to provider trainings, MiracleFeet is there every step of the way to help set Stephano’s feet straight.

To date, more than 31,000 children like Stephano have been enrolled in treatment at the clinics we support, but our work is not complete. 1 million children worldwide live with untreated clubfoot.

Your gift can help rewrite the story for these children. Here’s how you can make an impact:

  • $20 can provide a MiracleFeet brace for one child
  • $50 can provide casting materials and a MiracleFeet brace for one child
  • $250 can provide complete clubfoot treatment for one child

During this season of giving, your generosity will give a child the chance to run and play freely, without the pain of disability. Your donation will fix feet and transform lives. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate this joyous time of year.

From the MiracleFeet team to your family, we wish you a warm and happy holiday season.

Click here to donate to 



Clubfoot Solutions Incorporated is a 501 ( c)(3). Their mission is to bring their innovative, comfortable, durable and affordable Iowa Brace to children around the world.  80% of children with clubfoot are born in developing countries.  The families of these clubfoot children cannot pay for a brace – a necessary component of the Ponseti Method of treatment.  Your donation helps us provide these children with the Iowa Brace and gives them the opportunity to live a productive life free of pain and shame.

Children born with clubfoot who are treated with the Ponseti Method and Iowa Brace can walk, run, and  jump.  Your tax deductible donation will change lives and help those who cannot help themselves.  Donate securely online by clicking the button below or by contacting us at via phone, Internet, email, or mail.  Thank you for your generosity.

Currently Clubfoot Solutions is running Braces For Hope. Clubfoot Solutions is running this fundraising campaign will run for the next two months. Their goal is to raise $10,000, which will be used to send 400 Iowa Braces to children in need in the Philippines. The Iowa Braces will be sent to their non-profit partner Mabuhay Deseret Foundation, who helps clubfoot families in the Philippines. There are over a million children and young adults living with clubfoot deformity worldwide and nearly 80% of them are born in developing countries. Join our mission of helping to eradicate clubfoot deformity. Please visit our website for more information and see how you can make a difference!

 Click here to donate to



Since setting up C-Pro Direct in 2005, we are immensely proud to have worked tirelessly to help as many children as possible with lower limb conditions in underdeveloped countries. Working with various charities, our company has helped children across the globe by sending donated second hand boots and bars to be redistributed to families that need them.

Thanks to the support of many hospitals and parents, we have been able to send donated items to many charities including the following:

Steps South Africa
Infant Clubfoot Appeal
The Burkina Faso Project
Les Pied Bots du Maroc
Clubfoot Shoe Exchange Poland
Clubfoot Shoe Exchange Romania
Clubfoot ‘Pilipinas’ Boot Bank

 However, because of the constant demand for donated boots and bars, we are asking for any donations of used boots and bars from hospitals, clinics or parents to carry on our vital work.


We are now offering collection boxes that can be provided on request to hospitals or clinics and will be collected by couriers once full. If you would like to order a collection box, please email with your details and someone will get back to you.

 We are also pleased to receive any donations through the post or to arrange a collection. For donations sent in directly, the address is:

C-Pro Direct
7A Enterprise Way
Edenbridge, Kent
United Kingdom

 We do also send donated pairs of boots and bars directly to parents if there is not one of our charities nearby. To get a donated pair of boots and bar, please contact for availability.

 For more information, please go to our website:

You can also follow them on Facebook and check out all their recent donations.

  Click here to donate your Boots & Bar to



Clubfoot C.A.R.E.S. is a US-based, nonprofit advocacy group created by moms who have children with clubfoot. We promote public awareness of clubfoot and the Ponseti method of treatment, and we work to educate and empower patients and their families.

Clubfoot Cares also runs the Clubfoot Boots & Bar Exchange program. This program only operates in the USA.

Click here to donate your boots & bar to


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