The Clubfoot Cutie Christmas Product Wish List

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Black Robin Socks for boots & bar by C-Prodirect

Gracefully by Angela E .Williams

Non-Ambulatory A.D.M.s by CProdirect

Iowa Brace by Clubfoot Solutions

Embe Swaddle

Leroy’s Boots by Lauren Christie

DVD - Parents Guide to Clubfoot

My Clever Night-Night Shoes by Karen Mara Moss

Ambulatory A.D.M.s by CProdirect

Clubfoot Awareness shirts



Clubfoot Journey Journals

Clubfoot Christmas Ornaments by The Clubfoot

Dorsi Ramp


C-Pro Direct – Product Showcase

 Our company, C-Pro Direct, was founded by Stella and Philip Morris after their son Anthony was born with bilateral clubfoot. At the core of everything we do is a child at the end of the order and the worried parents behind them. This is why we started to sell more products for parents to help them better manage a variety of conditions affecting the lower limbs, including our Black Robin Designs range.

 Dorsi Ramps 


These ramps are the simple effective way to encourage toddlers and young children to stretch their Achilles tendons and calf muscles. It is not easy to persuade toddlers and children to actively engage in physiotherapy. But a few minutes good quality stretching each day can really help “toe walkers” to improve their gait, growing clubfoot children to avoid relapses and many other conditions linked to limited dorsiflexion. Dorsi Ramps can be included in every day activities such as teeth cleaning, watching TV, playing computer games or even helping with dinner!

The safe, child friendly stretching with 10, 15 and 20 degree slope angles is ideal for:

Idiopathic Toe Walkers

Cerebral Palsy


Trauma recovery

Other neuropathies and myopathies


Rotate the Dorsi Ramp to change between 10 and 20 degrees slope angles as shown. Add the orange insert for a 15 degree slope angle.




Introducing our new Black Robin Designs Bamboo socks from 2019

We have been developing a softer and more stretchy design of our classic socks for launch in 2019. Our new socks will be made with 85% bamboo making them the softest yet!

 The Black Robin Designs socks will now also come in two versions – a double layered option and a single layer option.

 Coming soon.

My Clever Night Night Shoes


My Clever Night-Night Shoes is the perfect bedtime story for children who sleep with boots and bar, encouraging Ponseti kids to wear their specially designed 'night-night' shoes because it is not only a crucial part of their treatment, but the results are well worth it.


Written by a Mum with first-hand experience of a strong-willed child who sometimes had to be convinced to wear his brace, this light-hearted, inspiring and comforting story describes the exciting jobs that different shoes have, and that wearing the brace enables them to do anything they want to do.

 All proceeds contribute to Clubfoot charities around the world.

Parents Guide to Clubfoot DVD 

In conjunction with Both Feet Forward and Steps charities, we produced a video/DVD which we hope will be helpful to parents in their understanding of the condition of Clubfoot, and its treatment by the Ponseti method.


Copies of the video on DVD are available free of charge from us.

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