The Switch to ADMs

Why I chose to switch my son from the boots and bar to the ADMs…

We have been on this clubfoot journey now 2 years, 10 months, 11 days. That is 1046 nights of a relatively smooth clubfoot journey. 954 of those nights we have braced consistently in boots and bar.

We started off in the Markell shoes with a stationary bar. We transitioned to the original Dobb’s bar after a couple of weeks at my request. We continued in the Markell's and Dobb's bar until my son was 18 months then we switched to the Michell’s and a Dobb’s Spring Assist Bar. I was impressed with the Dobb’s Spring Assist and continued to brace with it until a week ago. My most common complaint about the all boots and bar was I felt I was sacrificing his knees to save his feet. The contorted positions he slept in were a lot to bear. I often asked our doctor who reassured me it was fine. (But I wasn’t satisfied.)

About two years ago, I had joined the Facebook Group: ADM brace . I had been quietly watching, reading and taking in the newest brace to have hit the market to advance the treatment of clubfoot.

I ordered a pair  6 months ago and took them to our doctor. He liked what he saw but wasn’t sold. He told me they were expensive (and they are!) and he didn’t see the need. Agreed, my son’s feet looked amazing. So I sent them back. The minute I did, I regretted it. I wanted my son to be free of that darn bar. I would hear him thrashing around all night, trying to get comfortable. He was banging the sides of the bed, headboard, and footboard.

Fast forward to January of this year, my son needed to be re-casted. He was re-casted to fix some metatarsus adductus. We re-casted him with serial casting for 3 sets of casts. He did well and the improvement was also excellent (see below).

After the serial casting he went back to boots and bar. Having his legs free from the bar while in casts, I was worried he wouldn’t readjust to the bar. But he did. I continued along the nightly process of putting on his boots and clipping in his bar.

Finally, one night I went to tuck him in, and I had enough. He was twisted to be laying on his stomach, and his hips, legs and feet were pointed as if he was laying on his back. We had an appointment coming up in a week, and I decided we were switching to the ADM.

My though process of switching included:

  1. I felt his knees were bearing the grunt of the boots and bar. His feet were never actively flexed.
  2. My son is almost 3 and has been free of relapse (knock on wood!)
  3. I didn’t see any dorsiflex while in his boots and bar.
  4. He was in a big boy bed with proper bedding (which if your child is too, you know the tangled mess the bar gets in with blankets)
  5. He is potty trained. He should be free to get up in the middle of the night to pee.
  6. I was ready to try something else.

So, we switched. Yes, they cost a pretty penny because he is bilateral clubfoot - but I will pay it again and again until we are done bracing.

I learned how to put the ADM on correctly and away we went.

Look at the difference in dorsiflex! My son is asleep in both photos, and the pictures are taken one night apart:

The angle of the feet is AMAZING! I never once saw my son's feet in these angles while in boots and bar.

To say I am impressed with the ADM is an understatement. I am thrilled with the active strech and flexing my son is getting while sleeping.

To check out our NEW ADM collection, click here:


*Always consult your doctor prior to switching your bracing methods. Ensure you follow your gut but also seek medical advice. Not two people's journey is the same. Remember that. Advocate outloud for your child. You're the only one who can.

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