World Clubfoot Day



For World Clubfoot Day 2017, The Clubfoot store is inaugurating INTERNATIONAL CLUBFOOT SOCK DAY. This event will be held annually on June 3rd. Businesses, organizations, and institutions across the World are encouraged to allow employees, members and students to wear crazy socks.
You can purchase The Clubfoot Store's pink & blue footie pin ribbon in exchange
proceeds will be donated to Miracle Feet.
The Clubfoot Store will provide a free participation kit to businesses and doctor's offices, which will include posters and information on the event.
The Clubfoot Store wants this to be a fun way to raise clubfoot awareness for individuals, institutions, and businesses! Please to participate online by joining the conversation on Instagram and Facebook by tagging your crazy-sock-selfie photos using #clubfootsockselfie and tag @theclubfootstore.
According to the Miracle Feet, Clubfoot occurs in approximately 1 out of 750 births and has been documented for thousands of years. With some variation across countries and ethnic groups and an increased incidence in children born to a parent with clubfoot. It occurs more often in boys than girls. There are about 200,000 new cases of clubfoot each year around the world.



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