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Adjusting to Casts

 The casting stage can be the most trying time for a Mom & Dad on a little one’s clubfoot journey. This can be due to the fear of the unknown, the fear for our baby, the discomfort caused to our child and the inability to alleviate said discomfort. Additionally, many parents do not know of clubfoot diagnosis prior to birth further exaggerating the anxiety for the parents. Therefore difficulty adjusting to casts can be felt by both parents and the clubfoot baby. When addressing the cast(s) in regards to the baby, follow our checklist to ensure everything is correct: Bottom of the cast □Check the toes□ Are they pink? □ Are they blue & cold?□ Are the toes swollen? Sometimes...

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What is Clubfoot?

Trying to explain to friends and family is hard. It is even harder when you're uncertain as to what it really is yourself. Use our inforgraphicsto help you through your journey! Don't forget to pick up some cute clubfoot-support swag in our store!  

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Clubfoot Baby Milestones

We all wonder when we hear the news. Will my baby be "normal?" Will they lead a happy life? What is the best treatement for them? Will they be delayed in any way?   Here is the results of a recent survey done for clubfoot children. It is not scientific in any means, but it will give you a sense of how you can expect things to develope with your clubfoot baby.   

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