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First Casting Appointment

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE CLUBFOOT JOURNEY JOURNALS & CLUBFOOT BOOKS     Disclaimer: Any advice, suggestions or help is purely that. It is NOT medical advice. I am not a doctor. Always take your doctor’s recommendations over what you find here. I assume not responsibility for your decisions. The Clubfoot Store is here to help. We provide helpful info-graphics & Blog articles: SaveSaveSave SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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The Ponseti Journey

Check out the  Clubfoot Store to purchase your support & awareness apparel!     __________________________________________________________________________________________________  The currently accepted method of treatment for clubfoot or clubfeet is the Ponseti method of correction. If you had asked what that means two years ago I would have had no clue. Now that we are amidst treatment it is really not quite as scary as it sounded when my son was first diagnosed in-utero at 36 weeks.  During our casting phase, I remember having to remind and re-tell family members the same things, they asked the same questions, "how many casts?", "how much longer?", "how long in the boots and bar?" In fact, I still get the question from those who are close to...

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The Switch to ADMs

Why I chose to switch my son from the boots and bar to the ADMs…We have been on this clubfoot journey now 2 years, 10 months, 11 days. That is 1046 nights of a relatively smooth clubfoot journey. 954 of those nights we have braced consistently in boots and bar. We started off in the Markell shoes with a stationary bar. We transitioned to the original Dobb’s bar after a couple of weeks at my request. We continued in the Markell's and Dobb's bar until my son was 18 months then we switched to the Michell’s and a Dobb’s Spring Assist Bar. I was impressed with the Dobb’s Spring Assist and continued to brace with it until a week ago....

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