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While pregnant with my daughter, I suffered severe pregnancy complications causing preterm labour, forcing me to be placed on bed-rest in the hospital at twenty-seven weeks gestation. There, I learned about the whole new world of preemie babies. I was told daily my daughter would come any minute, not to move too much and I was only allowed to be up on my feet for 5 minutes a day. We were lucky to carry to term.
Then, two years later I got pregnant with my son. Due to my complications with my first, I had 7 ultrasounds from week 6 to week 36. Everything was good. I even had a NIPT test (a blood screen test for abnormalities with the baby). All came back “perfect”. At week 36 at a new hospital, they saw "them." Bilateral clubfeet. We knew nothing about clubfeet. We were scared, devastated and hurting from all the things our boy wouldn’t be able to do. (To read my son’s full story check out our blog post.)
After navigating the unclear waters of his first couple months of life, we successfully completed casting and were onto boots and bar. I was disappointed at how little awareness was out there for clubfoot, yet it is the most common birth deformity. We wanted to create a place for all clubfoot families, not everyone (us included) were ready for the Facebook groups during casting and didn't have a place to turn to for answers to questions. We believe that awareness items create community, and sharing and promoting our journey is what brings us all together. We may all be on different paths but we can also share in eachothers experiences, joys (what is cooler than seeing your clubfoot baby walk for the first time) and times of questions.
We are currently a Mom-and-two-little-babes-run shop;
Mom, that is me!
Babe#1 is a firecracker of curly blonde hair, mesmerizing turquoise eyes and more personality than a stand-up-comedian-on-fridays.
Babe#2 is my clubfoot babe. He is the only boy currently (between his sister and two female cousins) and the only clubfoot cutie. It is also believed he is/was a twin, but we will never really know for sure. His brown eyes and warm olive skin calm you and bring a sense of peace. His little personality is cunning and cheeky and lovable.
We work hard to bring you items that we think you will love and cherish. My favorite is the original item that started this store, our Clubfoot Journey Journal. It documents your child's Ponseti Clubfoot correction path as a baby book and captures information up to 5 years of age.
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