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Give To a Clubfoot Charity Page $55 $100 $150


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$200 USD Total




$400 USD Total

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6x weekly
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2x on IG)

$300 USD Total $500 USD Total


Clubfoot Christmas Wish List Listing ---- CLOSED for 2018

This holiday season we will be putting together a Clubfoot Cutie Christmas Wish list. This list will include a clubfoot charity portion and a clubfoot product portion. The Charity portion will be used to encourage clubfoot families to give back this holiday season. While the product portion will aim at products that aid in developing the clubfoot child.  Advertisers will enjoy direct links to their donation sites from our shop.

The poster will be displayed on our website as a blog post with information about your charity and all the good it does for clubfoot children and their families. The blog post will be left up until Sept 2019 (when we will prepare for next years list). The poster will also be published 3x a week on our Facebook page in post format from Oct 15 to Jan 1, 2019. It will be posted 2x a week in our Instagram stories and will appear in our Instagram feed. We will also be preparing a new post for Reddit that will include the list.

We will add the hyperlink it to our “welcome blurb" that we send to all new members of our FB groups Clubfoot Moms (1,600+ members) and Clubfoot Directory. The list will be added to the Welcome Pinned posts at the top of both groups and in our FB Bio. Finally, the poster will be added in comments to any one who is is requesting information on Clubfoot Charities.