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I am Elise and my son Adrick was born with bilateral clubfoot. His feet were discovered in-utero at 35-week scan. Like you, I was shocked, scared – terrified, and unsure about what the future would hold for him. I went through the process of the first year with a bff-clubfoot mom; it made the world of difference. However when deciding to take pictures of our two boys together for their first birthday, I found it impossible to find anything clubfoot related. As a result, I created The Clubfoot Store. donates proceeds from every purchase to a Clubfoot related charity. We also work closely with other clubfoot related business in the pursuit of ensuring all kids receive proper clubfoot treatment, access to boots and bar and whatever else they may need along their journey.

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Please read below for the brand representative terms and conditions.


  • Reps are evaluated every 3 months.
  • Evaluations will be based on sales, creativity, and compliance with the predefined guidelines.
  • Your first term as a brand rep goal is to bring in NEW customers and reach a monthly goal of $150 USD in sales.
  • Brand rep status will only continue as long as the monthly goal is obtained.
  • One purchase must be made in order to participate. You’re first free item will be included in that order. If you have apparel prior to being a brand rep from The Clubfoot Store and the item is still available in our store that can be used in lieu of a first purchase. If that is the case please let us know.


  • You will be given a unique code to give out to your potential customers. The code provided to you will allow us to track your monthly sales and will also give your customers 10% off their order.
  • If the customer does not type in your code at checkout on then you will not receive recognition for the order.


  • 5% of sales in store credit (commission)*** to use on
    • (example: If you sell $150 you get $7.50 off your purchase)
  • Reps receive: 20% off purchases*** on
  • One free item per 3 month tenure.
  • Highly active accounts will receive more free items


  • Your contract is valid Feb 7 to April 7, 2019.
    • First order by Feb 17, 2019


    If you’re child has something other than clubfoot please identify yourself if you would like to work with us towards expanding other issues that can go along wit clubfoot. For example, if you’re child has spina bifida we are looking to create a line for that.

     Rep responsibilities:

    • Taking good quality photos of you (and your child(ren) if applicable sporting their awareness. i.e. clubfoot baby in casts or boots and bar, hip baby in rino brace etc) wearing our apparel or holding non-apparel items that you have purchased from The Clubfoot Store.


    • Posting photos in FB groups related to clubfoot. (Please be aware of each group rules, some have a no adverting rule that will result in your blocking. You can post a picture of your cf cutie and when asked you can provide them the link to the place to purchase)


    • Please take note of previously posted pics. We are pretty laid back and lifestyle photos are OK! So are selfies as long as you get a GOOD picture of the apparel.


    • We also love flatlays- but again must be showing support & awareness for your specific awareness. (i.e. clubfoot shirt flat lay with boots and bar etc)


    • Posting on social media. This includes Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and any (and all) FB groups that support your awareness. Before posting, check the groups rules.


    • When providing a link on FB please ensure it is adirect link to the listing on com.


    • Your IG account must be PUBLIC during your representation.



    • Pictures posted to Instagram & Facebook Groups must be tagged @theclubfootstore and tagged with #theclubfootstore for easy finding by followers. Additional hashtags are encouraged


    • Please post at least a min of once every two weeks related to The ClubfootStore. Examples: pictures wearing our tees or using our items (ie mugs) flatlays, reposts from my page, sales and liking and commenting on posts.


    • **Please no over editing, photo shopping or watermarks on your pictures.

     We welcome your feedback and we want to hear from you! If you ever have a question or concerns, please feel free to email us at

     By agreeing to this contract you are agreeing to the terms stated above and giving us permission to use images of yourself (and your child(ren) if applicable) wearing our products on our website, advertisements and all social media accounts.  We have the right to terminate this contract if we feel that you are not complying with these terms and conditions.  Contract valid Feb 7 to April 7, 2019.


    Please reply with a confirmation that you agree to these terms. Please also include your IG handle and Facebook name. Once this is received you will receive your code**


    Please respond to this email if you agree or disagree to the terms. If you agree please response with “I agree” and your name. Finally, by agreeing to this contract you agree not to sell items purchased for a discount and/or free items for profit.

    We are excited to have you a part of our team and can't wait to work with you!