At The Clubfoot Store we care. We are a family run business that's goal is to raise awareness about clubfoot and the other conditions that can come with clubfoot. Clubfoot affects roughly one out of every 800 children worldwide, making it one of the most common birth defects in the world. We know not everyone has access to care and we want all children affected by clubfoot to have a chance.

Every time you purchase from The Clubfoot Store, you are giving too.

How much is given to charity?

We donate partial proceeds from every purchase (unless otherwise stated.)  Some items have all the proceeds donated to a specified charity, while other's are a portion.

Currently ( as of May 3, 2018)
World Clubfoot Day 2018 Items:
A dollar ($1USD) from every World Clubfoot Day 2018 collection purchase is donated to Miracle Feet.

Clubfoot Cutie Calendar:
USD from each purchase will be donated to Clubfoot Cares.

Charities we support:
To date we have supported the following clubfoot charities:
Clubfoot Cares
Miracle Feet
Shriner's Hospital for Kids
Clubfoot Solutions

Other initiatives:
We believe that creating a strong clubfoot community is paramount to increasing proper care, raising awareness and advancing treatment options. If you are looking for help we will try our best. If you are looking for encouragement we will offer it and provide you in the direction of clubfoot communities.

If you are a clubfoot organization and are looking for support please contact us at

Please note: We do not support or fund personal clubfoot journeys/treatment.