Share your journey!

We are accepting stories until April 21, 2019

Sharing the journey can be many things to many people. We’d love to know what it means to you. You can be an adult with clubfoot or have a child with clubfoot. Sharing your experiences can help ease the mind of people in similar circumstances, can raise red flags where people didn't see them before and overall can contribute to the sense of community.

The Clubfoot Store has opened it's email to receive YOUR stories. Please email your story to

If you would like to participate in sharing your journey online please read the requirements:

1) Each story must be your own, in your own words.

2) It must be written properly in an essay format, with paragraphs, punctuation and correct spelling.

3) Must include 1-3 pictures that will be published with your story.

4) It cannot be previously submitted to another website for clubfoot.


Our three favorite stories will each get a World Clubfoot Day t-shirt!



Please understand:

1) Submitting your story to The Clubfoot does not guarantee it will be published.

2) You are giving the rights of publications of your story and the photos to The Clubfoot Store to publish online in any and all of its social media platforms.

2a) If your pictures are professional photos, ensure you have the rights to share and publish them online. Watermarked photos will not be accepted. This is the responsibility of the submittor.

2b) Please ensure you have the permission of the other parent.

3) You have the right to request the removal of your story at anytime.