Spring Garden Shoes & Boots
Spring Garden Shoes & Boots
Spring Garden Shoes & Boots
Spring Garden Shoes & Boots

Spring Garden Shoes & Boots

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Ponseti himself suggests barefoot as much as possible. When bare feet is not feasible this fall or winter, we recommend these shoes that give your little one a little extra support up high like basketball shoes do in the ankles and help takes the strain off their feet.The are made of real genuine leather and offer ultimate comfort to little feet.

Different Size Shoes:

 If you're ordering two different sizes, select the "Different Sizes" (+$15.00) option, then please EMAIL (info@theclubfootstore.com) us with the following:

1)Order Number:
2) Right Foot Size (cm):
3) Left Foot Size (cm):

Orders can only be modified up to an hour after purchasing.


Measuring Shoes:
Please refer to our size guide picture. There may be a .5 to 1 cm error since you are manually measuring, please choose the size according to insole length (your child's foot + 1.5 cm). Please be sure to measure carefully and when in doubt take the size up. 

There is a no return/exchange policy on sizes, as products are handmade to order and it normally takes 7-10 days to create the shoes and then ship. Please refer to shipping times below.

The Maintenance of the shoes:

Please keep leather shoes in a dry environment, avoid wearing in the rain or snow.

Incase of rain (or snow), please use a dry cloth to wipe out immediate and on rub shoe polish. Allow to dry.

 Processing Time:

These items are handmade to order. They can take up to 10 days to make and process.

Shipping Times:

USA 13-20 Days
Canada 30-40 Days
UK 20-40 Days
Australia 20-35 days